Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lycoming Football Video - Tyler Jenny to Jr WR Corey Talerico for TD

Sr QB Tyler Jenny had a great game against DelVal throwing for five touchdowns. Also, Jr WR Corey Talerico had a great game with a touchdown and an interference No-Call that cost him big yardage. He also had about a 40 yard pass reception called back due to a yellow flag against the Warriors.

Penn College - Protecting Identity in the 21st Century

http://www.pct.edu/schools/icet/it/ Lisa R. Bock, assistant professor of computer information technology at Pennsylvania College of Technology, tackles a timely issue with her presentation: "Who Am I; Who Do I Claim to Be? Protecting Identity in the 21st Century." 

Bock examines the latest technological tools available to ensure identity protection, including biometrics, and explores how those innovations can be balanced with issues such as privacy and cost effectiveness. The presentation is part of Penn College's Centennial Colloquia focused on technology and society.

Sean Frizzell - None But Jesus

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lycoming Football Video - Perfect Throw to Ryan Umpleby

Sr QB Tyler Jenny throws the perfect pass between two DelVal defenders and sure handed Ryan Umpleby pulls it in for a touchdown for Lycoming.

Lycoming Football Video - John Sibel TD against DelVal

Sr QB Tyler Jenny finds Sr WR John Sibel open in the end zone on Lycoming's first drive of the game. Jenny threw five touchdown passes in the game.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lycoming Football Video - Head Coach Mike Clark Talks About the DelVal Game

7th year head coach Mike Clark talks to us about the DelVal game. Is is a championship game mid season? Does Lycoming lose if it is a shootout type game. Great offense against great defense match-up and more.

Lycoming Football Video - Jr WR Pat Whalen on his TD catch

Image: John Green

Maybe not a staring WR for Lycoming College but could be. Pat has great hands, works hard and he made a great run after the catch to score for the Warriors. Pat talkes about the play and DelVal.